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Pet Turf, Dog Runs, Kennels

Pet Turf, Dog Runs, Kennels


Our turf is purr-fect for backyards, dog runs, and kennels, due to the problems turf solves and the beautification of your yard.

 Dogs can’t dig holes in synthetic turf.

   Our turf is hypoallergenic.

It is stain resistant to animal urine.

It is soft and comfortable for dogs to run around and play on.

It remains intact, even hours after play.

It doesn’t muddy their paws in the same way as ordinary grass, keeping your indoors area clean and dirt free.

All of our synthetic grasses are manufactured right here in America and are the highest quality grasses available. Say no to irrigation systems, regular mowing and weed spraying and say yes to a low maintenance, great looking synthetic grass putting green.


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